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From Jim B - A Ginormous Bondoogle Part 2.

I have significantly improved this old post's content via this included link.

It now integrates the highly relevant consideration regarding -  "Compelled Performance of an unrevealed commercial agreement" and a host of other Easter eggs.

People should never target the IRS, per- se as it is simply one of an almost unlimited potential forms of unrevealed commercial agreement you might be making when only operating a U.S. statutory citizen person instead of exercising your constitutional u.s. citizen person.

I am not advocating nor advising anyone on any of these subject matters, but illustrating the potential seminal nature of how ordinary Americans might be easily pulled off sides - statutorily instead of constitutionally.

Additionally, there apUS.pears a curious coincidence that a 1040 form appears numerically like Abraham's Lincoln's 10-40 Bond created for war financing.

The 16th amendment to the constitution constitutes a taxing forum -  form-ing a direct excise tax.  Incidentally - a taxing forum for-rum (a form of spirits) creating both (1) an area of legal authority; a jurisdiction and (2) a court of law or tribunal located in the territorial jurisdiction within one or more U.S. Territories.

Interestingly, submission of any annual 1040 form might "voluntarily" compels additional statutory performance as one must sign it under penalties of perjury - Golly; is that signing person taking an annual oath of statutory office or agency - under duress?  Maybe?

Most employers, especially corporate employers, seemingly require you to fill out a IRS W-4 form typically resulting in withholding income from one's paycheck. Those same corporations will often state that you can't simply write "exempt" on a W-4 and hand it back for them to process.  How about due-process - individual rights listed in the bill of rights, the freedom of speech and free exercise of religion as a constitutional u.s. citizen.

Remember too that W-4 withholding amounts affect one's statutory social security payout at retirement.  More withholding calculates into potentially more retirement and the opposite is also true.

Lastly, lets see how his might work - your employer is compelling you to establish a w-4 contract - a potentially unrevealed commercial contract with the IRS as a u.s. statutory citizen instead exercising your "exemption" as that of a constitutional u.s. citizen.  You might "notice" your employer of your rights of contract with the IRS suggesting to them -  "you are not invited to join a contract to which you are not a party".   Then write "exempt" on the W-4 and hand it back to them again.

Again, I have no way of knowing this for sure either, but this sometimes might also work with 3rd party debt collectors too - who do not appear to be any form of original party to any original contract between your person and another person or corporation etc.  What might they do if you "noticed" them as follows: "you are not invited to join a contract to which you are not a party".

Are you always contracting and are you contracting a u.s. statutory citizen person or as a constitutional u.s. citizen person under common-law?

Anyway, any of the above might be interesting thought experiments for people to consider.

All my best,

Jim B.

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