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  • Jim Costa

From Jim B. - A even more ginormous bondoogle?

It might be noted that treasury bonds are backed by the full faith and credit based on the American people's productivity and labor. 

Jim C wrote, "Congress passed laws that now required pension funds to stock their freezers too" - meaning that American people's pensions funds have bad bonds forced into them by Congress.

Congress has power of the purse - to waste American people's productivity and labor - virtually at will.

I'm sorry to inform everyone - Re-Publics alway die because of corruption (since roman times) due to re-presentation of people's self and mutual national interests being magically transformed into government's self-interest in itself - Magic inc.

Gee - what other ways does congress waste American people's productivity and labor. This one will likely shock you to your core! 

Whose self-interest?

There are the rules and then how things are done.

all my best,

jim b

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