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From Jeff - Why No Protestesting?.

I've been partially awake since childhood but really started waking up after the Tea Party protest march of Sep 2009 was completely swept under the rug by the MSM. I had coworkers on travel to DC whose plans were affected by the mega protest crowds. I could not believe how easily the media erased this event like it never happened. Crowd estimates were well over 1 million but the TV and major news outlets only reported tens of thousands. Broadcast reporters on the scene stationed themselves at the periphery and had their cameras point AWAY from the huge masses of people. Virtually no one in America saw or heard anything realistic about this monumental and historical event except for the participants who were there and the few who read about it in the fledgling alt-media of the day. The last comment was left in 2011 so this story is mostly forgotten, successfully erased from the collective. In the pics notice there is no trash, litter, or pallets of bricks like you would certainly see at a large liberal gathering. Conservative Woodstock Rocks the Capital Overhead screenshot pic attached - impressive crowd. I saved some better shots from aircraft but can't find them now. 2009 Conclusion- Do not attempt to adjust your Deep State. Your revolution will not be televised. Your gumment leaders will ignore any and all reports of conservative protests. Resistance is futile. Be ready to take your shots when requested and line up for the bus ride to the FEMA camp... Fast forward to today. Anyone with a smartphone can EASILY be a live streaming reporter if their cell service is not suddenly short circuited precisely when needed, or their U-tube channel cancelled. I have to assume the White Hats are convincing conservative activists not to hold similar protests today as it would be too easy for the DS to stage a major false flag to kick off a kinetic civil war. Look what happened on the sidelines of Trump's Jan 6 gathering - Patriots were framed for insurrection! Today most people would not know which way to aim in a civil war. In the 1860s you pointed north or south, pretty easy. Today we would be pointing in every direction, at our neighbors, it would be an absolute disaster, a perfect storm for the DS. More people gotta wake up. WW3 is a global battle for our minds - humanity is largely suffering from Stockholm Syndrome but people are shaking it off and waking up. Or they are dying from clot shots - no need to aim at them. p.s. The layers of psyops are piling up. Shakeups in 17-ish channels, Godlewski and Phillips clash, fake Biden shown to witnesses in (fake?) tribunals, etc. I'll try to write something up if no one else posts on this soon.

Tea Party march"

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