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From Jeff - Who's got Your Back? [ & Other News Bites ]

For now, resist invitations to step onto the stage, but...

Do take care of personal business,

Go ahead and make their day if necessary,

Especially if someone heavy has your back...

Milton, FL:

"Florida Sheriff - If someone is breaking into your Home, Shoot them"

"We prefer that you do, actually."   [30 sec]

Sadly, not all have a sheriff like that one, yet...



At the time this headline, "Russia RESPONDS! 14 TU95 Bombers Head To Ukraine..." was posted on the bombs/missiles had already been dropped.

Trump/Putin meetings ongoing...

BREAKING: Ukraine is getting bombed to hell right now.

Trump agreed with Putin to wipe Ukraine out.   [mid day Mar 24]

They don't mess around.  Russia promptly reported that 4 of the terrorists were captured and made to talk.

The RayGun (Reagan) era WHs took down the Communist Soviet Union.  Now it's Russia's job to take down Communist/Nazi Europe.  How will Russia move ahead?

"By Taking Down England."

It's Team Trump's job to take care of business here at home.  Most top politicians are now replaced with doubles.  [Replaced] Corporate leaders are selling stocks into a crash as they always do.  This time think confiscation, EO 13818 etc.  The WHs event driven schedule is becoming more apparent than in the past as things speed up rapidly both at home and globally.

The recent recall of retired former military appears to be a WH move. It will likely take a short bit of time to get returning personnel up to speed on the current sitrep and tasking.  Look ahead a couple months...

Are Scare Event(s) coming to a simmer or a boil?  The crap has to go down on Biden and Election 2024 seems to be a huge marker.


Since there has been some interest in Boeing...

‘A Complete Decapitation’: Three Top-Level Executives at Boeing Resign Amid Safety Concerns Following Alaska Airlines Blowout

Are the WHs adjusting the agenda of the Military Industrial Complex?

Let no crisis go to waste...


Alex Jones is family..."WATCH: Alex Jones admits that his family belonged to high-level Freemasonry, stating that he originates from a classical Enlightenment family associated with the real Illuminati."

Splains a lot...


There are a few news items surrounding the April 8 eclipse that are largely in the background.

Fulford says the DS is planning a holocaust - this would explain all the publicity and unusual preparations like National Guard on alert.

"The entire solar eclipse might just be a CGI.

Why do they need to fake a solar eclipse?

They need to see if they could fool millions.

The data from the Solar Eclipse will be used to make preparations and adjustments for Project Blue Beam."

Probably a real eclipse with a fake surprise inside.


Glad to see Simon Parkes' return.  We share a lot of ideas.  Nice to have some Galactic insight again.  The show goes on...

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