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From Jeff - Who Owns Us Now? (Godlewski UCC Docs)

In my 30+ year career as a DoD civilian I had a few UCC funding docs cross my desk. Not hype, it was literally 2 or 3. Not sure why I, a tech head, was sent copies because they were so cryptic that only a financial guru would understand the details. All I understood was that they were funding the expenses and paychecks of my project team. Anyway, a couple of the UCC FORMS Godlewski recently presented looked like the real thing though I can't say much about how they were filled out.

After retiring I learned more about the UCC, Uniform Commercial Code, than I ever knew during my career. My understanding is today's UCC represents ancient Roman Law that was the same across their entire Empire. It is the Law of the Sea or Maritime Law. After the Romans faded out the Vatican took over. Then the Rothschilds infiltrated when they loaned the Vatican a chunk of change they could not pay back. The Rothschilds are the Bavarian branch of the Illuminati. They assimilated the Vatican into the Cabal's global banking system.

Ancient Roman Law -> Vatican -> Rothschilds/Cabal -> Modern UCC

Jordan Maxwell - Roman Law & Uniform Commercial Code

Godlewski claims his stack of documents show how our bankrupt world's debt was paid off under UCC rules. Assuming it's true I have to think in simplified terms, that someone purchased Planet Earth in a Cabal foreclosure sale. Nobody writes checks for $300 Trillion without expecting something in return like a title or deed.

SO, WHO OWNS US NOW??? A new world order? A one world government? Has Earth been assimilated into The Borg or The Federation of Planets? Or is it now a Mad Max free for all?

The movie action is definitely speeding up.


Jim's Response: Jeff, you are asking the right questions. We have so much to learn.

However, let me add two facts to the mix. During the Civil war, Lincoln created the Green Back dollar, out of thin air, declared it legal tender and used it to fund the war. This same thing could be repeated to pay off the U. S. debt to the Federal Reserve. Of course, it might require guns to back it up.

Then let us not forget that Trump authorized the power to confiscate stolen money gathered by the Banksters and the Vatican. This too requires guns.

Only time will reveal the tracing of the funding truth though.

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