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From Jeff - Who Is Last? (International News Bites)

American Patriot is on fire today with news bites. First is Taiwan being surveilled by China's People's Liberation Army-Navy. I am assuming this is China's WHs and not their CCP.

Then it's all about Cyber attacks in Israel with news links provided:

Power Outages

Ports attacked

Supreme Court attacked

Schools Attacked

Govt attacked by Sudan

Netanyahu Facebook hacked

News sites attacked

Start here and scroll down:

Next are 3 US news bites about stories detailed on RRN:

Liz Cheney. Monday, April 24. 9:30am. Expired.

Guam is getting fired up. GITMO will be back.

What do Tim Russ and Barry Soetoro have in common.

Start here and scroll down 3 posts:

Finally, as of 9am Central, 2 more Israel posts:

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s son flees to Miami

Infiltration. What better way to make Israel ‘Last.’ Keep your enemies close. US CENTCOM chief arrives in Israel to discuss cooperation, joint naval activity.

The simmering Middle East pot is coming to boil. Meanwhile there are many recent "Mission Complete" posts on other 17-ish channels.

Jim Sanders was arrested for treason + Child sex trafficking

Kids saved and human traffickers arrested in #Ukraine

Jerry Springer has died

Hydesville (California) DUMBs destroyed by QARMY

Ryan Kissinger was arrested in NY

Three killed when helicopters collide in Alaska

Start here and scroll up:

We are in a secret global war of attrition and a very long movie.

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1 commentaire

28 avr. 2023

Same ole story. Keep the wars going. Weaken the US. Conquer from the inside. It's been going on a while. END THE FED!

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