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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Watch The Water... (Weather).

My take is the DS is creating chaotic weather for public misery plus opportunities to further their NWO:

Flooding - Delay planting, flood crops, prevent machine harvest, general misery, food crisis, population control.

Drought - Prevent farming, increase fires, drive people out, drive property prices down for cheap purchase, general misery, food crisis, population control. Large scale fracking also reduces potable well water across large areas.

Meanwhile the White Hats can use flood waters when convenient to wash out nefarious underground facilities:

Non-weather events like man-made tsunamis and dam failures could also be in the playbooks of both White and Black Hats for future chapters.

p.s. Pumping water uphill to significantly fill a large lake behind a hydroelectric dam would require more power than that hydro dam could provide.

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