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From Jeff - Update to Just Another (Speaker) Speculation.

My speculation on the Speaker selection proved incorrect but I did hit on a couple minor points.

In past tense we can see that the whole 15 round Speaker election was a totally scripted shitshow - a distraction with a purpose. The Brunson case was likely insurance to make sure Congress stayed in line. The Brunsons have said they have more options (ammunition) so repeat performances could lie ahead. Q gave us a clue 5 years ago in Q-Post 497 and HSRetoucher17 very quickly posted to expose the prank.

K McCarthy (KM) has been implicated in receiving million$ via FTX so he's a Deep State RINO. Apparently he's been flipped/replaced and has taken a part in The Movie acting for the White Hats. At the link see 2 different KMs side by side. The one on the right is wearing a WWG1WGA bracelet like half a pair of handcuffs. Trump is now Speaker by proxy. WE ARE WATCHING A MOVIE! Where are all the missing Hollywood stars? If still alive they are probably wearing masks for parts in The Movie.

I originally speculated that the Speaker selection deadlock would carry on until the Treasury defaulted to start The Financial Storm. The purpose was likely something very different. Without a Speaker the new bipartisan classified intelligence oversight committees could not be formed so there would be no Black Hat oversight during the delay. White Hat operators had a week to get stuff done behind the scenes without Congressional oversight and risk of real time security leaks. Perhaps the Bolsonaro affair and/or high profile arrests were part of it but it could have been anything.

Trump told us on Jan 5:

"Very good things are happening behind the scenes for the Republican Party. Intense but Smart negotiations between GREAT and PATRIOTIC people are ongoing..."

[NBC News screenshot plus text below]

No Intelligence

They're ALL in the dark

Blackout Necessary

Speaker deadlock puts House in a 'gray zone" on national security issues. [more at link]

Meanwhile Trump used the deadlock to see if any of his supporters were weak or compromised during the voting. Apparently MTG is a turncoat. I recently saw a pic post of 2 different MTGs side by side, can't find it now, but I'm assuming MTG will be a mask moving forward.

"Majorie Taylor Greene has betrayed the United States of America."

"MTG calls Joe Biden the President."

Trump told us in his explanation of The Pause that the current 2 year period would be a 4 year period to make things easier to get done.

Storm, [arrests, financial turmoil, limited wars, Brandon unwind]

Return of JFKjr and Trump,




It's gonna take a while to get to the closing curtain. Enjoy the Show - what other (positive) choice do you have? This unconventional warfare is way over the head of all but the very best manipulators.

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