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From Jeff - Update Tidbits and Rambling Rants.

The Nesara.pdf link I recently referenced tracks back to Whiplash347 so use discernment. I can't wrap my head around the Whiplash story - he posts a lot of good stuff and a lot of highly questionable stuff as well. Here is a repost about Whip by Nate Burruano: "Forwarded from Rye Bread The following channels/people are involved with the Whiplash347 scammers report them all. (Mel Carmine, EmilyTang, CaptKyle, Judy Buyington, Jason Q, and the Groups Whiplash347, QuantumStellar Initiative, XRP Nesara Gesara, CaptKylePatriots) all of these groups plus there admins work and get paid by whip to push the scam across telegram and promote/encourage followers to invest heavily into the rug pulls. Meanwhile all that $ gets offloaded to binance to fund cartels and china." I used to follow Nate a while back till he closed his original Telegram account. He started a new channel or switched to a backup and I only recently found it. He seems like a straight shooter. ====================== Marjorie Taylor Greene. Found that side by side comparison of MTG I mentioned recently but couldn't find at the time. Her makeover gives a fresh look and the new puppet strings are barely visible. While we are on doubles, Georgia Gov Brian Kemp, looks like he's got new replacement strings too. --------- Lin Wood. There is a pretty strong rumor that Lucian Lincoln (Lin) Wood is another Kennedy-Lincoln-Khalooni cousin. "The Jews and Armenians from Golan Heights, Israel are known as the Druze ethnicity which are the bloodline descendants of Jesus Christ. They are also known as the descendants of “Jethro” The Priest of Midian in The Bible & Torah (Exodus 2:18). The descendants of Jesus Christ are believed to have the second rarest (following type RH) of the blood types, AB-, which has a 0.36% worldwide distribution. The 16th President Of The United States of America Ibrahim Khaleel Kahlooni (a.k.a. Abraham Lincoln), descends from the Druze ethnicity Kahlooni family." The above should explain why Trump "Stands With Israel", which is historically Palestine. There are several interesting bloodline articles at Humorous Mathematics, like these: Obama Is Hitler's Biological Grandson The above leaves out this rumor: Obama's biological father is likely Muhammed Subuh Sumohadiwidojo: Vincent Fusca (JFK Jr.). [John Denver might also use the Fusca mask.] Is anything real? When will Hollywood central casting run out of actors? =============== PROJECT CAMELOT "I have a financial colleague who claims that behind the scenes what is really going on is a fight for the "right to issue". The Basel Switzerland group they say, have covertly taken over BRICS and are running it under the NWO as usual. On another layer above that are the off-worlders who control the right to issue currency on this planet. More on this soon..." Anyone wanting to learn (from scratch) about the historical person/group with the "right to issue" might start at the link below. It's been my global financial awakening bible (for normies like us) for the last 10 years and I review it several times every year. Very enlightening but not necessarily 100%. This version is a 92 page slideshow with additional docs linked within. Other versions vary slightly and may have another 100 pages of text as an addendum.

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