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From Jeff - Update: Forgot the (keep reading) in "Titanic Events?!"

Sorry, in my "Titanic Events?!" I dropped the ball and totally forgot to address the (keep reading) part. I had suggested that Trump/McCarthy had other plans for Brandon than immediate impeachment at this time. The WHs still need time to dump ALL crap on Brandon BEFORE he leaves. The last swamp critters also need to be exposed and removed before new Congress peeps are installed. Some of these critters may be new, that is, arrived or exposed AFTER the 2020 steal. We still have the scare event, Storm, crash, and so on before Brandon is written out of the script and exits the stage. Keep reading...

What I forgot to add was the Brunson SCOTUS Conference arriving at the exact end of the lost sub oxygen countdown. The case is either going to another future conference or hearing, or it's final and yet to be announced. Hindsight is 20/20. Keep reading...more hopium today.

American Patriot

The Brunson Case of the 2020 Election. Was expecting an announcement yesterday. The boys went silent. Why would that be? Me thinks the court overturned the election and everything is hush hush because of this operation. Hold on Patriots.

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