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From Jeff - Update: Clif-Ward Rumor Mill Found.

Yup, it was Clif and David Z. Here is a search for "ward" on Clif's SciFi World channel: [ about 20 posts - scroll up ]

So, is Clif a certified wacko? He seems to be driving off a cliff! He does have a point - the QFS as advertised on most RV hopium sites is a scam and Ripple/XRP is one of the WEF Great Reset partners. I expect XRP to become very important when central banks roll out (fiat) digital currency to replace the failing petrodollar. After the initial wave of support then what? XRP dead in the water when fiat fails for good?

Q told us that gold would kill the FED but didn't say anything about the other central banks that are reportedly stacking right now.

Is all of this Clify drama scripted for our entertainment? Whatever it takes to get peeps paying attention to the coming changes in global finance?


Meanwhile Godlewski is suing everybody that's slamming him in a big way (Brian Cates, Scranton Times, etc). Plus he's petty posting back and forth with Gregg Phillips of 2000 Mules. Enuf soap for everybody's opera. What a circus performer. All planned or what? There are no coincidences... [ the Q Post is real ] [ petty back and forth ]


What is the real news we need to be watching? Lionsgate? I don't follow astrology but "they" do. Sean David Morton's early prediction for stuff to start habbening this summer was Aug 9. Lionsgate is mostly a Muslim celebration from July 26 to August 12 but peaks on Monday the 8th. The Lions are released... Will the lions be eating the world's Black Hat leaders?

Wikipedia: "Legend has it that Suleiman's predecessor Selim I dreamed of lions that were going to eat him because of his plans to level the city." Also, "The start of the traditional Christian observance of the last walk of Jesus from prison to crucifixion...begins at the Lions' Gate (Gates of Old Jerusalem)."

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