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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff: Twitter Take Down, Ho We Kwap (Quap) Update

More evidence that the White Hats are using Black Hat tactics to beat the Cabal at their own game. Elon made an overpriced offer for Twitter with a $1 Billion cancellation fee and no doubt some contingencies for verification audits, etc. He will likely get a major discount or maybe just bail out over the massive fraud revealed.

Twitter is full of bots and fake accounts...

Lawsuits from advertisers will be legendary...


Elon likely has a price on his head from both the Cabal and Russia - he does play both sides...


-------------- Ho We Kwap (Quap) Update -------------

Jay Weidner takes a "New Look at the Zapruder Film & Assassination of JFK". He presents extensive details of his version of the fake JFK murder, both the Dallas event itself and the political/personal situation surrounding it. Video includes cleaned up Zapruder clips - very clear. It's all coming out in our Great Awakening.

My conclusion - JFK is the original Q, RIP Jan 2021.

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