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From Jeff - Turbo Discernment - WARNING by JFK Jr. on Crypto Currency

Turbocharge your discernment anytime a media outlet tries to SCARE the sheeple into moving assets or buying something asap without some hard basis for a reason. Still, it would be a good idea to keep any large crypto holdings off of the exchanges.

There are many Kennedy copycat channels and the leading 17-ish channels seem to get hacked on a regular basis as well. Hacked channels often get funky ads and posts inserted among the legit posts.

"The narrative is that the SEC (US government) doesn’t want Ripple to be able to use the weapon. In the end, US gov will lose and the weapon will be used. The weapon gives prosperity to all because it decentralizes the financial system."

"SCAM Alert." [ crypto bankruptcy screenshots ]

Personally I am allergic to crypto and purely digital currencies because they are prone to fraud and rely on electricity and fragile electronics. I do not carry a cell phone on a regular basis and almost never use debit/credit cards for in-person transactions.

Response: I agree that its a scam.

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