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From Jeff - Trump To Be Arrested??? Also some SCOTUS stuff.

Trump To Be Arrested? Not likely. Q told us Trump would be protected. To me this means that either WH operators would be making the arrest or more likely a Trump double would be standing in.

John McAfee Official

Remember 2022. 2 TRUMPS 2 Qs ONE GOOD & ONE BAD.

The latter is Completely Fake

Nothing but a Psyop. Nothing Ever Happens or Will Happen.

Not One Event > Not One Proof.

Good Trump/Q:

FAMILY. Everything they Ever Say or Will Say HAPPENS.

They do it Everyday. 100’s of PROOFS.



Derek Johnson has an issue with the recent SCOTUS coverage about elections. He has a point - the Military is in control and the SCOTUS case is pretty much irrelevant. The existing SCOTUS is tainted - they are part of the US Corporation and they refused to uphold the constitution in the past. Now the military is acting both here and abroad regardless of whatever SCOTUS does. [ Scroll down for lots more ]

Pic of Derek with Trump (or double) from TODAY:

My Comments: Real Raw News reported that Soto was executed and another "unknown pronoun" was appointed by Brandon AFTER real Biden was supposedly EXECUTED. So, do we have a legitimate SCOTUS IF DC IS A MOVIE? The case does give us something tangible that we can see on the docket/calendar and discuss among both ourselves and normies. It's an educational distraction.


! ! ! ! ! ! RELAX ! ! ! ! ! !

After taking care of personal business try to relax and enjoy the show. Discern prophetic details from the truthers - they are almost always wrong. Believe in the Big Picture that you can actually SEE in progress - the cabal is being dismantled piece by piece. As private individuals there is not a lot we can do beyond taking care of ourselves and educating associates. Donating to large organizations is very iffy but yesterday I sent some funds to the Brunson gang and J6 Legal Defense fund. Getting too deeply involved as a private individual could amplify problems by getting yourself and possibly others tossed in the slammer. Q told us to allow them to do the heavy lifting...but I'd be ready if called to action.

Brunson donations:

J6 Legal fund:

Above J6Legal site was referred by Entheos:

For those who wish to help the J6 political prisoners but are unsure what to do. Please remember these abused men and women in your thoughts and prayers.

IMO Entheos and Q are the same or equivalent. This re-post from Nov 2015 correctly predicted Trump's inauguration 2 years later. The caption also explains that Q gave us their event schedule backwards - future proves past.

Kick back and "Enjoy The Show, Director's Cut" from Tore Says:

127,455 views Premiered Nov 24, 2022

Please Enjoy the Show. New UNSEEN CLIPS from DEBUT.

Here is a rare look behind the curtain that will aid you in being able to SEE things that occur in our society in a CLEAR light with SCRUTINY.

It's all a SHOW where the WHOLE WORLD is a STAGE.

May this Documentary give you EYES to SEE and EARS to hear.

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