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From Jeff - Trump Comms on DeadSanctus (plus Grocery Comment)

Last year a 17-ish channel posted DeSantis had been executed and replaced by an actor double - those were quickly edited or deleted. Recently it's been reported that the DeSanctus is boosting with lifts in his boots.  Now Trump himself is hinting at the backstory with plausible deniability.

"Trump - Ron DeSantis Does Not Wear High Heels - Maybe he Does"

"Trump said May Ron DeSantis Rest in Peace"

I am following my gut and believing Big Picture reveals from the 17-ish channels, RRN, and the like.  Many public figures have been permanently written out of The Movie script and replaced with doubles.  Doesn't matter if they were actually executed at GITMO or sent to witness protection as long as they stay gone and doubles are eventually phased out.  The Devil is in the details but most of us never want to actually see or meet The Devil, do we?

"The choice to know will be yours."

I think Q is telling us The Movie credits will not be presented as the curtain falls and the lights go up at the end.


Protein in the Freezer

Back in 2013 Chinese interests bought up large US pork processing corporations like Smithfield and some others - they have a lot of mouths to feed.  I don't eat much pork but over the holidays I noticed premium ham and pork are now very affordable.  I am now filling extra space in the freezer with pork tenderloins.  Jim Willie reports that berths at the Long Beach Port (Los Angeles) are empty so there can't be any low cost shipping to send pork from the US to China.  US pork glut means cheap prices at both grocery stores and the warehouse giants!

Beef Tenderloin is now $20-30/lb vs Pork Tenderloin at $3/lb.

Beef Roast is $6/lb vs Premium Ham at $1.50/lb.

Stock up!  Eat Paleo (low carb caveman diet = meat and vegetables)!

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