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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Triple Play - Not Coupla Coupla.

All of the above, BUTT not #4.

On #2 - It may be feasible BUTT I could not get past the PhukBUTT login required at that Ancient Bloodlines link so I am guessing at what the message was.  Most of the 5G towers in the US are omnidirectional and would affect everybody of all ages.  Concentrated 5G beam transmissions (like a flashlight or spotlight) are required to track and target individuals and that means 5G transmitters every few hundred feet or yards - think 15 minute cities in the future or any densely populated area today.  Fulford mentioned 5G tech in his latest public podcast. The intentionally dumbed down public cannot logically deduce this because most (not all) post Boomers were not given proper math/science education in public schools including colleges.

As we have learned post 9/11 the DS makes the most of their bigger ops. 9/11 was a bank robbery, an excuse for war with Iraq and Afghanistan, an excuse for the pre-prepared [Anti-] Patriot Act, a distraction for the missing $2.3 Trillion announced on 9/10, and a fear based MKULTRA mind control op on the public.  Prolly more too.

Enjoy the show BUTT discern invitations to participate onstage.  Refuse unless you really think it's worth it.  Most of those jailed J6ers are prolly wishing they had stayed home.  At some point the time to participate will come BUTT it's not now IMO.  BUTT do take care of your personal business off stage.

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