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From Jeff - Too Many Wars? Enjoy the Show From Backstage.

This is my version - truth in theory - nothing is real. Crank up the Wayback Machine:

Remember right after Trump was inaugurated a barrage of some 60 US cruise missiles were launched into Syria? There was very little backlash and the MSM narrative focused on crap technology that missed all targets and there were very few casualties reported. Why no backlash? Cuz the targets were likely ISIS-CIA type assets and the MSM would never report something like this. 2012/13 - When the going gets tough Snopes shuts it down, right? Find this, "Anthony -- FYI. The report appears to be credible. Les" ------- Fast Forward to US Conducts Major Strikes on Iranian Proxies:

Do you smell it yet? Hasn't the Obama-Clinton-Brandon gang sent significant support to Iran in the form of lucrative deals for them? So, is Iran a DS-CIA actor? So who REALLY got slammed by "Major Strikes"? Should the headline be edited to something like this? "US Conducts Major Strikes On DS Assets In Syria" Earlier I predicted that the US would stay off the main stage in the Battle of Gaza but would help out backstage. Do not confuse Syria with Gaza. What a tangled web... Enjoy the show! But stay out of the crossfire. ==================== Bonus Wayback report:

Old timers paying attention in the 2012 time frame might remember fringe alt-news stories (think Jackass and the like) of plans being made for a limited tactical nuke exchange in the coming WW3. Tac Nukes are small, less than 5KT or so, and are not considered to be "real" nukes which would likely trigger mutually assured destruction. Tac Nukes were likely responsible for taking down the towers from the inside while DEWS acted from the outside. The dust was radioactive after all... A significant number of 9/11 responders in NYC got cancer... Then there was that freak storm that coincidentally (not) appeared steered to NYC to wash the radioactive dust off the streets and into the sea... Fast forward to current Woo: The Event That Changed The World (TETCTW) - Luminosity Future Forecast [2 min] From Snippy and Entheos. Might not be easy to understand if you are not following his narrative closely. [8 min] Connect the dots...Scripted!

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