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From Jeff - Titanic Events?! [Absolute Must See]

Looks like WH driven events are definitely moving along. ============== Is the Military on the move because Blinken wanted to show China he's got the power with tanks in the street? I doubt it. RRN reported that Blinken was killed by China during a secret, unannounced visit. Perhaps he was looking for a bug out location for his tribe? On top of that, RRN reported that China called Resident Brandon and SoS (Sec of Suckers) Austin fakes. Shadow of Ezra - Shadow no more. A sign of force. WHITE HOUSE DOWN. Godlewski correctly predicted that things would be moving along late June and that the Military show of force was not for "us" and implying "them". The troops did not know why they were on patrol but their commanders did. This one is a short 17 min and worth a listen after clicking forward to the 8 minute mark. ================ Stale popcorn? Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to some minor charges. He likely cut a deal to sell out his family business including Party Drug users and dealers. Tore Says took credit for telling his girlfriend to get him to drop of his laptop(s) at a repair shop as an innocent method of passing the info. We will see him Fed court AGAIN next month. RRN reported Hunter hanged in 2021. =============== Trump's puppet McCarthy is telling the GOP that now is not the time to impeach Brandon. I think Trump has other plans for Brandon that we will see pretty darned soon (keep reading). Adam Schiff was officially censured. =============== Durham spoke before Congress today. Christopher Miller - John Durham has a list of names of people who should be charged for treason. =============== A tourist submarine visiting the Titanic was reported missing recently with 96 hours of oxygen remaining. More posts report on the dwindling air supply now down to only a few hours. Alt-news is making tongue in cheek Titanic comments... American Patriot - Red October. The sub at the Titanic. Less than 20 hours of oxygen. The Federal Reserve and it’s banking system. Buckle up. The countdown it appears is in view [*** GOT THAT? COUNTDOWN on the FED! ***] Yellen finally admits... "Treasury Secretary Says to Expect a Slow Decline in US Dollar as Reserve Currency" Hal Turner's version is a bit more harsh... ======================= Now for the clincher, at least we can hope. Phil Godlewski 3.0 420,000 indictments about to drop ----------------------- Gonna double check my popcorn and cheap champagne reserves.

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