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From Jeff - This Week?

Not too long ago Dead McAfee posted that his Dead Man Switch had triggered. Can't find the link now. Anyway, looks like some of the data is being released as NFTs, that is, images with embedded crypto content.

He also made a post about THIS WEEK and a reference to Frazzledrip 2.0:

The Clown Show

Ends This Week. . .



House and Senate (Grassley and Comer committees) are now officially accusing the FBI and DOJ of not doing their jobs - see their joint message on Congressional Letterhead at:

Shadow of Ezra

Please remove your money from the banks. Final warning.

My take is that from now on the DS will be overwhelmed by truth bites being officially released or leaked to expose DS dirty deeds from all angles at the same time. Multiple FFs may be needed everyday across the nation and world to maintain some distraction - a losing battle for them as their ammo runs down. A collapse in FRNs should entice operatives to walk away if/when their company script gets blasted into hyperinflation.


The Dead Kennedy channels are mostly mirroring each other with reposts from a single new channel, CBKNEWS121. Earlier posts directed that we watch this new channel as others have been subject to attacks. Today's posts for May 4 are very interesting - lots of reposted Missions Completed, important event dates, and the living dead may be ready to stir the simmering pot. Start at the link and scroll up.

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