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From Jeff - Theories about Trump & vaccines. [Excellent]

GhostEzra posted on Telegram a couple days ago: Theories about Trump & vaccines. 1. Trump pushing vaccines was to expose big pharma. 2. Trump had the good ones. They switched them out. 3. Trump is friends with the jewish pharmaceutical companies. Which one do you believe and why? Jul 7 at 22:54 A couple days later GhostEzra posts a video clip of Trump explaining the $1.95 Billion he sent to Pfizer for vaccines to be given free of charge. He said that Pfizer said they were NOT part of Warp Speed. He then explains that it was an unfortunate mistake when they said that. Video is 45 seconds long. Jul 9 at 15:26 Sounds to me like Trump is implying #2 - FRAUD, which vitiates everything. Busted? No immunity from liability? Was Pfizer betting on Trump not being around to sort things out?

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