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From Jeff - The Fog of War = Pea Brain.

It should be apparent to all that global governance is conducted in secret. Both good guys and bad guys leak disinfo-intel to keep the masses calm. Jim Willie reported 10 years ago about (limited) WW3 planning in progress - seems he was right. Pay attention and you can see the big picture but rarely any actionable details. When the bad guys are cornered they break and take the war public. Have you noticed that Israel is playing the victim card but nobody is coming to their rescue in a meaningful way? And, the Arabs have not directly entered the fray. Patience - what other choice is there?

Chatter on Telegram and other outlets indicate activity is ramping up with an end in sight, or is this another head fake? We are being taken to the PRECIPICE. Whatever happened with Taiwan? Israel was supposed to be last.


PRECIPICE, what precipice? [Hint: It's for the normies, the ones who will have a hard time in The Reset.]

"Only at the PRECIPICE will people find the will [strength] to change and break the system of control [be free]."

"Only then, at the PRECIPICE, will people find the will to change [to participate]."



I sent Judicial Watch 35 bucks a couple years ago and have since received maybe 50 letters requesting more. It must have cost them at least 2-3 bucks each to print and mail. I don't even open them. Be careful who you follow. [Note: Tom Fitton (JW) LISTED TWICE]


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