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From Jeff - That Aha Moment...

Warning: Contains Woo and conjecture!  Consider this entertainment.

Rewind to approx 2009: text below is from Slide 84 of "The Brief". Follow the link for the double pyramid graphics.  This slideshow has been my Awakening Bible for many years.  The planet currently appears to be in a power struggle between good and evil at the top of the upper pyramid.  Suggest anyone interested in Illuminati/Masonic org charts read the whole thing:

"Above the 33 degree Mason there are again 7 more layers leading to the ultimate King of Kings.  At this level there is a lot of work with spirit. All profess to be working for God but perceptions of God will vary.  Some will say it’s Christ that should sit at the top others will claim Lucifer is the good one. If the top is Good the rest follows but if the top is Bad the same goes.  Time will tell who ultimately takes the throne on a permanent basis."  [slide 84]

A week ago Putin told us the world was run by laws above nations. Confirmation of the "The Brief"?  Are these laws enforced from Antarctica?  Who lives down there?  Enlil, Enki, Marduk?

"The Most Important Thing Putin Said To Tucker Carlson":

Recently Obama goes to Antarctica followed by O'Savin and others.  Who actually got invited, JJ or Wayne Willet?  JJ would fit the mold of a world leader more so than O'Savin/Willet.  Articles and interviews are easy to find on this topic.

Remote viewers are targeting the Antarctica AI meeting.  Kerry links audio from a Remote Viewer and adds her written thoughts.  FASCINATING WOO if true and jives with everything above.  Read and listen for yourself - text plus 18 min audio link:

Is the AI meeting the reason Clif is currently bashing truthers including Kerry?  Distraction attempts?  Is he embarrassed that AI may have actually have a woo-woo component that does not rely on a local computer and legacy software?

Perhaps it is more than embarrassment, maybe it's Clif's job.  Some believe that the Blue Chicken Cult was funded and promoted by the DS. Did the DS sue Clif via proxy Corey Goode?  Did Clif escape that alleged lawsuit by cutting a deal to bash leading truther/influencers in return for the DS and Goode dropping the lawsuit?  I'd like to see that NDA settlement if it exists!

Embrace and enjoy The Woo - it may or may not be real...

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