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From Jeff - Telegram Dump?

Wanna dump my saved JFKjr Telegram posts about Trump-Diana and the living dead? It would be a LONG article - about 7 or 8 wordprocessor pages. Mostly written already. Would start with a couple pages of background story with links and then a 5 page dump of copy-pasted text from saved telegram.html. Could send in email body or as PDF attachment. No pics but do have some I could include. Preview below:


A recent tabloid suggests JFK Jr and Princess Diana are still alive.

Harry tells us Diana was alive after crash: [ 18 sec video ]

A German tabloid has told us 3 times that Diana's grave is empty:

A dozen or so 17-ish Telegram channels are also posting the same Diana and Kennedy alive theme. Predictive programming - they always tell us what lies ahead. I'll take this activity as a cue to dump all my saved Telegram posts about the Royals and the living dead that were quickly deleted. First I'll provide some background and references before listing the posts so readers connect the dots themselves.


1.5 more pages of supporting background info with links.


========== Telegram dump starts like ===========

Saved “JFKjr” Telegram Posts, Jan-Mar 2021

Posts were saved from and Most if not all have been deleted. Posts from both channels are combined, grouped, and ordered for easy reading. Text, spelling, and punctuation are unchanged. The often repeated phase, “If You Know You Know” has been removed. Emojis and some white space have also been removed. Any added comments are in ( ).


Moments ago, I heard that my dear father, Former President John F. Kennedy, has died of a stroke. Rest in peace father


Now do you understand why Jr. wasn't removed from my name in 1963?


My words don't fit in the sentence.

Sorry John John

Senior John F. Kennedy was a great man, and I will continue his way.

President of the United States, Donald J. Trump


We didn't lose the President of the United States, we lost the Freedom Leader of the World.

I offer my condolences to you, Mr. Secretary.

Rest in peace Mr.Kennedy.

First Lady of the United States and Princess of Wales


The death of Former President John F. Kennedy was deeply saddening.

Sorry for JFK loss, Secretary Kennedy.

May God have mercy his soul.

He was a great patriot and his path will continue forever.

Rest in peace sir.

Mike Pompeo

January 30



4.5 more pages of short posts covering relationships, the goners, and the living dead.



Political gossip central but important. Could crash your site if it goes viral or more likely deemed unsuitable.


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