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From Jeff - Teaser? "My Fellow Am..."

The17Letter:  I believe this LEADING 17-ish channel replaced HSRetoucher17 after it got hacked, prolly by Phil.  Teaser quotes below - more at the links.  Only sending these because they are from THIS channel.  I personally think it's too early but I'm a nobody and don't know nuttin.

There is only one way to Salvation.  Bigger than anyone can imagine. The Egyptian Gods.  Psychology and spirituality are intertwined.

What lives underground?  Entities in darkness coming to the surface.

Not all human traffickers are HUMAN.  “We caught them all.”  Biblical.

[Watch Jupiter Ascending if you have time.]

"MY FELLOW AMERICANS THE STORM IS UPON US"...POTUS Tweet Expected TODAY. or MON. 7, 8 APRIL...  [maybe Jaco's guest was right]

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