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From Jeff - States of Mind...

Let's hope that in the future the best parts of all cultures can be spread around the world.  At my age I probably won't see many of the changes that usually take generations to shift.

I found this guy's description of the Japanese to be fascinating.  An English only American living in Japan.  They are definitely weird.  I was born weird and live weird, but not in these Japanese flavors. Mostly their masses are kind and gentle far beyond US norms.  Of course their leaders are tyrants just like ours.  I always wondered why the Cabal treated Japan so differently - a difficult culture to crack.  The title is misleading - there is not much ancient history.  Amateur social scientists and the curious should watch.

Ancient History of Japan | H. Lorenzo:

The main takeaway for me was that an abandoned home and it's contents would remain untouched for decades until local authorities were forced to do something about it.

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