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From Jeff - Something to read into ?

It's all connected. Fed, banks, big western religions, governments, NGOs, blah, blah, blah... If the banks go down then they all go down. Fulford featured the apparent shutdown of the UN, the United Nation-planet. The UN should be broke by now or at least almost there. Likewise:


if you know you know

[pic of Epstein - timing, why post now?]

Shadow of Ezra

United Nations to collapse soon.

Shadow of Ezra

New Funeral Soon. [Pope pic, already gone]

Shadow of Ezra

24 hours before the circus. [Trump arraignment?]

[Screenshot - Cameltoe takes over during Brandon's root canal.]


China will take over Taiwan without any remorse.

[26 sec Video - US preparing to evacuate citizens from Taiwan.]

We live in interesting times...

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