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From Jeff - Some Pelosi Mooovie Markers.

It makes sense that Pelosi was likely executed very early as a traitor like No Name (McCain) since she openly demanded that Gen Milley block Trump from the nuke codes in Jan of 2021. What was she thinking? March 21, 2021- HSRetoucher17 posted: "Real Nancy Pelosi isn’t alive." (now deleted) Screenshot from archived HTML web page attached. May 2021- Real Raw News reported that the military was sent to arrest Nancy but apprehended an actor in a very convincing mask that completely covered her head, hair and all. Seems like those in charge would have known that the real thing was not available for a high risk arrest operation. Pelosi double makes multiple trips to the Vatican to meet with the Pope double, most recently in June 2022. Double meets double? What a shitshow! Aug 2022- Pelosi double makes a trip to Taiwan despite threats from Xi Jinping to shoot down her plane down and likely start a war. Both mainstream and alt-media go into a frenzy. Is this THE scare event Q told us about or just a warmup? Hot August is off to a good start, eh? New Ezra Telegram channel posts pics of "Nancy" and reminds us about CastleRock mooovie studios. Real Raw News reports that Trump called Xi to avert WW3 as Pelosi double's plane approached Taiwan. He tells Xi he has proof that the Pelosi character is an actor/actress (pronoun unknown) in a mask and that HE INVOKED THE INSURRECTION ACT OF 1807. What a mooovie. I may have eaten 1.5 kernals of poop korn over this "high stakes" drama. Better save some for later...

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