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From Jeff - Some Interesting 17-ish Posts

Christopher C. Miller Controlled Mossad Operatives 1. Jack Posobiec 2. Brian Cates 3. Dschlopes 4. Pepe Lives Matter 5. Jordan Sather Ask them about Israeli involvement in 9/11 and watch how fast they block you. Ask them about Epstein's connection to Mossad/Israel and watch how fast they block you. Sather! Any comments Clif? ======= The following seem to be connected ======== Christopher C. Miller BLACKOUTS ------------- Ezra A. Cohen Forwarded from Shadow of Ezra Evacuate From These Cities: 1) New York City 2) Los Angeles 3) Chicago 4) Philadelphia 5) Washington DC 6) Houston 7) Nashville 8) New Orleans 9) Charlotte 10) San Francisco 11) Detroit 12) Seattle 13) Atlanta 14) Las Vegas 15) Baltimore 16) Boston 17) Miami 17 Cities. 1 Event. I have to assume this is fairly advanced notice but who knows, things have been speeding up lately. --------- Meanwhile, across the pond Europe has itself in a Putin Pickle. Don't forget, Putin is being played by an actor like Brandon. GhostEzra Forwarded from Mr Pool The entire continent of Europe is now in the hands of Vladimir Putin. Snippy made a video post about the above blackout/evacuate topic and commented that he was advised by Spirit or whatever not to use his generator for comfort. I assume the message means this movie is gonna be a long one. Today I just replenished popcorn, oil, and salt for extended viewing. Here's the JSNIP4 link it you are curious and have the time - it is not a must see. MAJOR WARNING from Ezra - Evacuate the following cities! [ 37 min ]

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