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From Jeff - So Many Options...

Try to laugh like you understand...try to calm those that don't.

Interesting midterm options discussions. Q told us only a very few had a clue and that has proven to be true. The Q-Team apparently has been dripping disinfo (half-truths) to selected and controlled truther outlets to drive the Alliance side of the narrative. It's enough propaganda to tease the awakened but not enough truth to give away the battle plans. Truthers seem to get little things right but fail on the bigger issues over and over and over.

One of the biggest mysteries is HOW Trump will return. IMO it will likely be one of the least expected scenarios among many possibilities. It's WAR and battle plans will be adjusted as needed. The good guys always seem to take a low-confrontational path to deprive the DS from the chaos they desire and I believe more truthers are realizing this. The DS is being forced to expend their ammunition so expect the big cheat. The following scenario is plausible but not discussed very much. It's mental exercise - not gonna bet on this...yet.

I believe Michael Shrimpton was one of the earliest in the spring of 2021 to suggest that Trump could be selected as Speaker of the House as there is no requirement for the Speaker to be a sitting Representative. That would put him in 2nd in line for the hot seat. Brandon and his fake VP can be removed in any number of ways. Impeach, resign, A25, whatever. In any case, the originals are most likely long gone already. Nancy has reportedly been arrested already. SGAnon says CamelToe has already left the public stage and may report more later today:

Sooo, if the midterms somehow do occur and the Republicans take control of the House then the above scenario becomes plausible with a low risk of civil unrest or chaos - done by the book in the public eye. Timing of this scenario takes us to at least Jan 2023 to seat the new congress or about the time Europe is likely to collapse. Dominoes?

Remember, one of Brandon's tasks is to absorb the worst of the crap coming down the pipe so don't look for his exit till optics reach the precipice in the public eye. Look for serious financial and currency issues to arise on Brandon's watch. Don't forget Taiwan and Iran/Israel. Toss your instant gratification into the trash bin. We will be strung along as long as necessary. Optics will be managed to make Trump into the savior and Brandon is still needed in the hot seat while the world circles the drain.

If there is any hope of shaking the sheeple out of their mind controlled slumber they have to be shocked mentally if not physically like US citizens have never suffered in our lifetimes. The Q Operation accelerated the Great Awakening but that curve seems to be flattening and a few of the half-awake are going back to sleep. Those awake and ready will suffer the least. I NEVER meet strangers face to face on the street or in the bars who have the faintest idea what's going on outside of the TV news - the Great Awakening needs a shock event.

Ask yourself, why did Brandon extend the expiring EO 13848 if the Dems actually had any power in the hot seat? LAUGH - it's a movie. A dark comedy, a political sci-fi thriller, a cliff hanger, A STING! Sorry to those suffering collateral damage but I'm going to make the best of this crap. Got no other choice.


SGAnon sat down with Nino - I think prerecorded for release today. He says at first he approved the exact reposting of his Truth Social info to Telegram but now it is being adjusted.

Recap from before its news:

Mid-term elections may not happen or happen in a way they never have before…

Dan Scavino comms – 45 Door (Mar-a-Lago FBI raid took place a couple of days later…)

CIA/FBI are same organization

Does believe 45 will be arrested

Pelosi arrest? Happened quite awhile ago… this is possibly a RE-arrest

Cabal is European/Middle East/China based

Pelosi laptop — given a plead deal

Hillary Clinton was detained? Not provable right now

Trump federalized the National Guard in 2017

Many gov’t figures are being puppeted by the White Hats

Hillary committed major treason when she was Sec. of State/Haiti, etc.

Mid-terms tomorrow, 3 possibilities

1. We don’t have an election; fraud cases throughout the states; false flag by Biden admin. and blame it on MAGA

2. Red wave that is coming is HUGE; the only way Dems maintain power, massive fraud; gig is up

3. Dominion machines in 49 states, already flipping votes


Christopher Miller (fan channel)

False Flag Warning: Election Day

Prepare for supply shortages immediately.


New dirty bomb false flag announced for Poland. If true and the news spreads it will be cancelled to protect the guilty:


10-foot wall erected around Federal Reserve Bank this past weekend:

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