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From Jeff - Single Digit Silver?

About 3 weeks ago JSnip4 began mentioning he saw silver going down to a single digit plus gold in the hundreds. Two scenarios come to mind.

#1 is a Bankster crash to help them get out of paper short positions and gold lease agreements.

#2 is the current movement back to the constitution and rule of law. The particular law is the Coinage Act of 1792. The Act defines purity and weights for the coining of gold and silver into dollars. Rounded off figures are $1.30 silver and $20 gold.

Silver Dollar = 371.25 grains of pure silver (approx 3/4 oz)

$10 Gold Eagle = 247.5 grains of pure gold (approx 1/2 oz)

The Act also provides for public delivery of raw bullion to the Treasury/Mint for future coining or more immediate exchange for existing coins.

A return to legacy pricing will obviously require a global currency reset or SHTF. Whiplash347 repeatedly posts that he thinks consumer prices are going back to the chosen year of 1955 - 10 cent sodas and 25 cent bread. Some 17-ish channels are pushing signals of 5:5 and V:V.

Meanwhile the dollar and euro are now equal and the (gold) ruble is rising - playing fields are leveling.



For fans of Dick Allgire, he has at least 2 recent interviews that concentrate on finance/currencies:

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