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From Jeff - Silver Hypothecation Alternative

If one diversifies a portion of their stack to and a need for cash arises UPMA will allow pawning or borrowing against it at about 2.5% so there's no giving up ownership unless there is a default. Loaned funds are loaded onto a debit card ($4K limit) for spending.

Metal shares at UPMA are backed by gold or silver American Eagles or Goldback Aurum Notes at the account holder's choice. Withdrawals can be made directly in those Eagles or Goldbacks or in fiat cash. Purchase premiums are high but there is zero buy/sell spread so you can get that premium back if funds are withdrawn in fiat. Almost like a bank but it's not.

I've had an account at UPMA since the beginning and have endured their changes and growing pains over the years. It seems most of the kinks have been worked out and they are now operating smoothly. The start up was like a mom and pop family operation with limited experience or corporate influence other than the State of Utah passing legal tender laws to make them possible.

I personally would trust UPMA to deliver more than a neighbor or other 2nd or 3rd party that might eventually develop a personal reason to sue me over a personal investment contract. If the Cabal is still around they might identify your contract as a security - a can of worms!

Response: This is great information for introverts new in town and don't want to advertise that they have silver. But I am old fashioned and during chaos would sleep better at night knowing I control the purse string.

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