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From Jeff - Senate 686, Restrict Act = Patriot Act 2.0

Under the cover of banning Tik Tok (Chyna Spyware) the Senate introduced S.686, The Restrict Act, on Mar 7, 2023. Any individual (or larger entity) using a VPN to bypass Ministry of Truth censorship to access Real News would be subject to imprisonment and/or a $1 Million fine. More of Orwell's 1984. DS pain, panic, and desperation...


While I am still researching this, I can now confidently say that Senate Bill 686 is not about banning TikTok. The Bill establishes parameters for allowable-legal-use for ALL information devices that connect to the internet —> including allowing the US Corp Inc government to ban any/all online content they deem "national security" related, and to then imprison you (yes, really!) for up to 20yrs if you use a private VPN to circumvent those bans. In other words, the Ministry of Truth is now here.

More detailed summary:

Full text:

55+ pages of gobbledy-gook that rapes what's left of our Bill of Rights, The Constitution, and rule of law:

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