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From Jeff - Screenshot, No Comment.

Except I might send more on the stock market later. It might not crash but instead inflate upward with other prices as the buying power of fiat collapses. In any case, I'm 95% out of the market so the direction doesn't really affect me either way.

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Yesterday Clif High Posted his "Mi laik go long ples" . . . "Mi laik gogo goodes", discussing South Sea isolated natives that the Allies imposed on when they built an air field on their island in WWII


Unknown member
Oct 05, 2022

Thanks, Jeff, very informative.

Why join a 'fraternal' organization, if you are going to be an outlier? You join to enjoy the cameraderie of fellow footsoldiers, is my experience from my college fraternity and the Navy.


John Duggan
John Duggan
Oct 05, 2022

I'm skeptical. Being a Mason doesn't make you controlled opposition.

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