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From Jeff - SCOTUS - Final Two... and One More Drip

Today SCOTUS issued 2 of the Final Four on the June Docket and added yet another Opinion Day to the calendar before summer recess. ( independent non-gumment website )

Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta (21-429) This is about whether states can prosecute non-Natives committing crimes on Native lands.

Torres v. Texas Department of Public Safety (20-603) A Texas case about Reserve Veterans claiming their old jobs when they return from duty.

Tomorrow we can expect rulings on the last 2 cases:

Biden v. Texas - This is about continuing Trumps order to make border crashing migrants wait in Mexico until their hearings.

West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency - This is about the EPA taking over the economy via climate regulation without regard to the costs and impact.

Both of tomorrow's issues are potential slams to the DS. The DS needs those migrant votes and that climate lever to control businesses and continue carbon taxing. A win for WV could be very far reaching...

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