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From Jeff - Rumor Mill (not) News

Is there a Charlie Ward rumor going around? I haven't heard it over the noise it's generating. Godlewski posted a short Charlie clip last night. Kerry Cassidy posted about whatever it was just now.

"Clif High - shame on you." [1-2 min]

"RE CHARLIE WARD AND SIMON PARKES AND LIES CIRCULATING...INFO JUST RECEIVED: Just heard from Becky (Simon’s wife) he is fine …they say Clif High and David Zublick made that shit up… And they say Charlie and Simon talk everyday and Charlie is vacationing in Barbados. Simon and Charlie are doing a show now that will be out soon."

Clif does have a trolliferous odor about him. I picked up a good whiff years ago. Indigo? An indigo should be spiritual but I do not get that feeling from him AT ALL.

Could be a psyop to boost the gossip fence drama effect. That might help pull in some of the (sleeping) soap opera and daytime talk show crowd.

Charlie and Simon talk DAILY? Deadman switch?

p.s. Still thinking about that "layers of psyops" piece but I'm having trouble wrapping my own head around it all. I may just send some dots I've collected for peeps to connect, or not, as they see fit. More stuff like above but more important to the bigger picture. Synchronicity!

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