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From Jeff - Re: How Far Can You Go ? (Or How High ?)

I often use virtual out of body experiences when analyzing situations. Not woo-woo, just basic thought experiments.  My mind leaves the ground and flies above the problem to broaden my view from 50,000 ft or whatever it takes.  Gotta see the landscape surrounding the "battlefield".  Establish boundaries.  Is there an opposing reserve battalion over that hill?  If so the battlefield just got bigger - fly higher.  Game Theory = What If? in very simple terms.

If the sign says "No Running" but you are about to get hit by a bus then running is probably okay - it's an emergency.

If you CAN'T pay your taxes then not paying is okay - there is no alternative.  Can't bleed a turnip.  Your life probably sucks whatever action is taken.  No risk and no reward.

If you CAN pay your taxes and choose not to then there is no emergency since there are no consequences in the next few seconds, minutes, or hours.  You had a good long while to think about it.  Premeditated and a conspiracy if partners are involved.

If you decide not to pay taxes what are the risks and rewards?  Got nothing?  There's no risk.  Got something that the IRS can take like bank accounts, property, or your personal freedom to move about The Matrix?  There's huge risk if your confetti pistol is smaller than the IRS cannons over that hill.  Most people have pea shooters.  How many pea shooters does it take to stop a cannon?  Chance is slim that enough can be coordinated for certain victory.

Linked is a long blog documenting the highly complex challenge between a powerful public confetti cannon versus the federal corporation's nukes. It's obvious that the corporation does not follow rules but they can paint themselves into a corner.  THE BATTLEGROUND IS NOT LEVEL.  Is it worth it?  Who's got your back?  Remember, the J6 conviction rate is 100%.  [Just scroll thru to see the size and scope.]

Eventually the WHs will wear down the corporate feds.  Until they are beat down sufficiently I am filing my taxes.  I always save them until April 15th just in case the situation changes.  This could be the year but dammit they already have my withholdings...  When The Republic returns we will likely still have to pay a Flat Fed Tax predicted to be around 15%.  Mine won't change all that much unless new Florida taxes are stacked on top of that.

Before entering a battle make sure it is "to your benefit".

Q-Post 1052:  "You elected us to do the heavy LIFTING.  Enjoy the show."

p.s. If the corporate goobermint survives they can and will say ANYTHING THEY WANT!  Fly high before you decide your own life situations!

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