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From Jeff - Re: Clif on NDAs and Truther Bashing.

Does Clif have an agenda?  Why does he need to bash other truthers even if they are wrong sometimes?  Clif is wrong A LOT as well, just like the rest of us.  He should look in the mirror now and then.  I cringe at much (not all) of what he has to say because sometimes I KNOW it's crap.

Clif is smart enough to know that a commercial NDA would be entirely different from a pure secrecy NDA.  He says he knows a lot about NDAs because he has negotiated many of them.  Those would be commercial NDAs that protect product details or similar intellectual property.  He says he can talk about his NDA documents all he wants.  On the other hand, a confidentiality NDA protects basic information and Non-Disclosure means just that, NO DISCLOSURE, and generally no money changes hands (non-commercial).

Clif REPEATEDLY pointed out that he is talking about NDAs "from my [his] experience".  This immediately tells us he has never had a confidentiality NDA for national security or financial secrets. Confidentiality NDAs are generally non-negotiable and you can't talk about them!  In some cases you wouldn't even get a personal copy of the signed NDA document.  Has anyone ever found a copy of a Q Clearance NDA posted on the web?  Clif should be smart enough to know all this.  His dad was a military officer...

My personal conclusion is that Clif is hoping the general public is ignorant of NDAs so he can APPEAR to be an expert when bashing Charlie Ward and others.  He may be an expert on a few things but not everything he talks about.  What's his real agenda?  We recently learned the Flat Earth Psyop was bought and paid for to obtain feedback on the mindset of the truther community.

I don't particularly care for Charlie Ward but I'm not going to bash him for selling stuff as long as he isn't blatantly cheating anyone.  Peeps gotta eat!  Even if he was money laundering in the past how does he rank compared to Ponzi bankers that print the unconstitutional (in US) fiat debt notes in the first place?

What was Clif's big financial event for Feb 18?

Careful who you's a jungle out here.

Response From Jim: Clif said it may be after the 18th that we see it. I expect to see something tomorrow or Wednesday that occurred on the 18th.

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