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From Jeff - Re: Backwards Civil War.

This is pure speculation but my own half-baked theory on how the 2nd American Civil or Revolutionary War (or maybe both) plays out long term more or less jives with Jim's "Backwards Civil War".  When The Republic returns the size and scope of the goobermint will be greatly reduced. No more fiat money.  No more federal tyranny.  No more federal nanny state.  No more welfare babies.  Most federal agencies and departments will either be eliminated or reduced to coordinating rather than controlling.  States will have to fund themselves for the most part. People will have to THINK for themselves again.

If blue states want to continue with bogus elections that fine.  A REPAIRED AND FUNCTIONING REPUBLIC will reduce their Congressional Representatives according to Amendment 14, Section 2.  Don't kick them out of the union, just take their representatives (plus electors) as should have been done long ago!

If blue states want to vote themselves free stuff that's fine but they have to find funds to pay for it.  Good luck with that free stuff.

Sink or swim.  Across the nation many people are already THINKING AHEAD and moving away from blue misery.  Here in NW Florida both big and small housing developments are going up EVERYWHERE.  People WITH MONEY are moving in as soon as construction completes.  Infrastructure planning is moving along.  Busy 2-lane roads going to 4.  Four lanes going to 6 or 8.  It's quite bizarre - the business elite have secrets and big plans across the south.  I have no idea what is planned for job creation but the local Air Force base is bringing F-35s and that may attract high paying tech support.  On the other hand fighter planes are kinda obsolete.  Maybe they will get some TR-3Bs.

Roughly 1000 people move to Florida EVERY EFFIN DAY.

GSM - Grand Solar Minimum.  Over the next 10 to 50 years it is predicted that the Earth will cool by several degrees at the bottom of a 400 year solar cycle.  Normal everyday life in Canada may become all but impossible for decades or more.  The GSM in the 1600s was recorded in artwork - Brits ice skating on London's River Thames which rarely freezes.

Trump on Global Warming: "It'll start getting just watch".

Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling:

Conclusion - I believe heavily blue states will be left to politically and socially rot while slowly freezing if in the north. Thinking people will move to escape libtards, freezing, or both.

Enjoy the show, its a long one, there is MUCH to be accomplished.


Bonus links:

Escape from New York (New Siberia ?)

Escape from L.A.

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