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From Jeff - Re: Armadas and Empires?

No mention of the woo-woo armadas?  In this day and age the future warfare cannot ignore UFO and related factors.  My own thoughts are that conventional armadas are now obsolete due to Area 51 and Dugway R&D and that is why both Trump and Putin are so confident.  Ben Rich and the Lockheed Skunk Works are not conspiracy theories but project details may be difficult or impossible to research.  UFOs are discussed openly on Russian TV and they have their own Saucer Research Programs.

Ben Rich, “We now have the technology to take ET home.”  "How does ESP work? ... All points in space and time are connected."  I am looking forward to Full Disclosure...

----- Related -------

The BPEarthwatch video linked earlier gave a great but short summary of ancient Chinese History regarding the demise of their huge armada in the 1400s.  Anyone interested in finer details should consider the book by Gavin Menzies, "1421, The Year China Discovered America".  Our school book history is so effed up.

------ Kinda Related --------

Dick Allgire and Courtney Brown gave a 80 minute talk about their 20+ year history with Remote Viewing.  Courtney's Farsight Institute seems to concentrate on ET related investigations.  He and his team are convinced that ETs are everywhere and not all are benevolent.  At the 1:03:31 mark they, mostly Courtney, talk about the death experience where "going into the light" is a soul recycling trap controlled by alien AI.  This reminds me of Kerry Cassidy's woo-woo version of AI where a conventional computer connection is not required by the AI. This is where Clif is wrong about AI being "just" software code.  Of course, for those who don't believe in hyper-advanced ETs Clif is absolutely right, AI is just computer code.  I wish Clif and Kerry would get together privately and hashout their differences in language and terminology - they are both right.  Courtney goes on to describe Earth as a Prison Planet.  A must see video for anyone starting to get interested in Remote Viewing.

Dick Allgire & Courtney Brown: The Ultimate Conversation:

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