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From Jeff - Public Service Announcement - Avoid Air Travel.

Stay off airplanes - air travel is going to crap.  Years ago Q warned us that planes and trains would be issues.  We already saw train wrecks increasing.  Now it's the airlines.  UNPRECEDENTED RISE IN AIRPLANE INCIDENCES.  Is this The Plan in action?  I feel the acceleration...

STARTUP WARNING posted September 23, 2023:

"Stay off airplanes this winter"

REMINDER posted March 8,2024 after increasing incidents.


Incidents linked below are from the US in just the LAST COUPLE MONTHS but there's more...lot's more.  I gathered these for my normie siblings and thought I'd share with everybody.

Flight DAL982 (Boeing 757)...nose wheel came off...

FAA grounds Boeing 737 Max 9s after section plane blows out

FAA grounding Boeing 737 MAX 9 operated by US airlines

American Airlines 777-200 collided with a Frontier Airlines A320/321 as it was being pushed back from the gate at Miami Airport

Indonesian airline pilots fell asleep mid-flight:

United Airlines Boeing 777 loses tire while taking off from San Francisco, crushing cars on the ground.

Flames erupt from United Airlines engine

Boeing 757 Loses Right Engine Power

Flames seen shooting out of a Boeing 747

2 JetBlue planes collide at Boston Logan

Small Plane Crash Lands on Florida Interstate

Two men are dead after a small plane crash near a home in Minnesota

Single-engine plane crashes along Nashville interstate

I could go on but what's the point - JUST STAY OFF AIRPLANES!

Worldwide Aircraft Accidents - It's not just in the US.

My plans for overseas travel in retirement were postponed long ago. Hoping I am not to old by the time safe and convenient travel returns. Perhaps tourist destinations be back online quickly after The Reset chaos.

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