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From Jeff: Pots Are Boiling - Just Add Politicians. [Must See]

Godlewski - Current Events, May 31st, 1 hour:

Phil backs up his original May 3rd prediction that May 31 would be a turning point. Most major topics are touched below with info added from elsewhere. Phil's early videos were tortuously slow with only a paragraph of info sprinkled over a couple hours. Watching him now is no longer wasted time. I look forward to his promised reveal on his background after Trump returns to public office.

Pelosi's husband was arrested for child porn, NOT DUI, Phil explains. There was a Q post about classified movement of Pence or Pelosi. Phil thinks this arrest is getting Pelosi to cooperate. This older re-post says she is at Gitmo along with Podesta, Schmidt, Wasserman-Shultz, Watters, Yates, Schumer, Strozk, Romney, Nadler, and Sanders. She does look like a mask these days:

The Pelosi's know pizza and hot dogs - Wikileaks re-post:

A low man on the totem pole, Sussman, was acquitted of lying under oath about RussiaGate but Durham now has witness testimony on record and in the public eye - CLINTON DID IT. Durham can now move up to next on the pole: [ interesting but not Durham ]

True The Vote (2000 Mules) presented Ballot Harvesting evidence to the AZ Senate. Phil says True The Vote used the NSA tracking software PRISM. Phil thinks AZ could be the first domino leading to Brandon getting booted out of his mask:

Watch Georgia - could be more volatile than AZ.

SCOTUS pauses re-count of PA elections:

Phil says Real Raw News and one of the Vancouver rags are sometimes right. He says June is wrap up month - more confusion but clarity is coming. Note that June is the beginning of Hurricane Season.

With Sussman trial evidence clearly on record Trump is now threatening the Pulitzer Prize Board with legal action for actively supporting RussiaGate if they do not recall several prizes:

The public can't ignore the stench of cooking politicians forever.


My gut feeling is that major events will not happen until after the Queen is dead in public. She reportedly went away in late 2019 along with more of the family. In 2018 she broke etiquette and clearly passed the lead to Trump in their formal Inspection Of The Guard Ceremony. Was this a coded message making it a Change of Command as well? Military symbolism, etiquette, ceremony, and secrecy is everything... [ 24 sec ]

Queen been dead since November 28 2019...

Queen in red and double on right:

The Windsor Royal Family likely got the same deal as others who have quietly disappeared. Surrender and leave the fake Windsor legacy intact (reality is NAZI German-Austrian) or have it washed and dried in public. From The Art of War - always leave the enemy a way off the battle field. From Q - only part will be revealed, the choice to know (the rest) will be yours (we will have to dig for it).


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