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From Jeff - Poking the Bear (after 24th?) and Explosions at FBI Building.

I believe the use of tactical (micro) nukes of 5KT or less is a real threat. These are "legal" while the big ones are not. The big megatons were likely written out of the draft war movie script years ago. Micro nukes likely helped bring down most of the twin towers as dust - much demolition debris simply vanished. A few of these nukes are nothing to worry about on a planetary reference scale but a big problem if you happen to be in the neighborhood. See Dimitri Khalezov if curious about custom designed tac nukes. ------------------ I remind you all one last time. This is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Russia is a superpower that has nuclear weapons. You poke a bear and sooner or later that bear will kill you. ------------------ Multiple signs point to a joint China / Russia attack on the West in the very near future. 1) Russia moving Mig-31 fighters to Belarus, capable of hypersonic missiles. 2) Biden signing order to annihilate China's semiconductor industry virtually overnight. This is an economic embargo against China, and the nation will be forced to retaliate. 3) China ordering all its citizens to urgently evacuate Ukraine, indicating imminent attack by Russia. 4) Extreme market volatility and imminent bank failures in Europe, as nervousness explodes. 5) USA / NATO military exercises that could be used to "accidentally" / "on purpose" launch missiles that strike Russian targets. We may be only DAYS from the next major escalation in World War III. ------------------- ------------------- There were some 2 hours of explosions at 20 second intervals at the DC FBI building last week. This citizen journalist video from street level captured almost an hour's worth. Skip it and move on to short version. Short version of DC FBI explosions. "Pandora's box has been opened. FBI headquarters 7th floor lights on at 3 AM. Working overtime?" SGAnon says his source confirms the tunnels under DC were being attacked. Smoke and noise said to be exiting the roof from a dedicated elevator shaft from underground to roof. Pandora's box down there? Shorter topic in 1 hour audio post.

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