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From Jeff - Peekaboo...I-C-U...At GITMO! and other commentary.

Why is Trump calling NY AG Letitia "Peekaboo" James?

Because of this??? Warning - connecting the dot required.

Hat Tip to SG Anon - much more here and VERY highly recommended:

"US Mil Mass Arrests are Underway..."


What About My Credit Report?

Winning the war against the banks means the nature of credit will be changing and with it the nature of credit reports. Future finance will likely look more like Islamic compliant loans where the lender becomes a partner in whatever the loan is funding (projects!). Loans with interest in Islamic society are highly frowned upon if not illegal from what I understand. Christianity was likely tweaked by the Babylonians to allow lending with interest after Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Divide and conquer.

Also, the Chicago Plan has been bouncing around for decades. Basically it requires 100% backing for loans so no more fractional reserve banking. The Dollar would become money again, not credit like today's FRN. Excess growth is contained which naturally throttles population growth. How many made that connection between money printing (excess resources) and overpopulation? Basic biological science...


Deep Spiritual Woo-Woo.

I have followed Yellow Rose for Texas off and on for many years. I always knew she was sending deep esoteric messages but her language was like Venusian and unintelligible to someone who spent their entire career in science and technology (long retired). As the years progressed she has moved closer to plain English but still has a long way to go. Her latest from Oct 3 is fairly easy to decode for those awake to current events. She says those who are exiting the system (Matrix) need to be emotionally ready to meet our relatives at the gate. Hmmm??? I took relatives to mean our genetic progenitors - the proverbial Adam and Eve and THEIR creator(s). Woo-woo.

Other items - She relates Heaven Above to the East and Down Below to the West. She says we are under a dome (lockdown, prison planet). She says money still has a spell on it so avoid credit and luxuries (prep your spiritual credit report). IMO, her most understandable post ever:

Get Ready Update 10-3-2022

Simpsons' references to Under A Dome:

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