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From Jeff: Ominous - Are Simmering Pots About To Boil?

Another possible Sky Event tonight, a meteor shower. Will the sky be falling? I'll be taking a peek if the sky is clear.

GeneralMcInerney posted a poll:

Clintons will be arrested?

70% Yes

30% No

White Hats Feud Over Sluggishness of Deep State Arrests:

Godlewski 2.0 posted about the Real Raw News article then implied something is happening tonight/tomorrow and cancels his livestream:

"Tonight is the Eve of May 31st, 2022. For reasons related to the safety and security of our Nation, I will not be Live tonight. Please be safe both tonight, and tomorrow. There is far more going on (and about to happen) than you can possibly realize."

Many telegram posts have been crazy conflicted and confusing lately just as Godlewski predicted. Clarity soon I hope.

During the Q&A portion (past midway I think) of Simon Parkes' last video he responds to a question about Greenland and tells us that there are remote 5-star hotel facilities there for protected witnesses and their families. Maybe the dead will be coming back to public life soon. I assume many will be all healed up from their self inflicted 2 shots to the head.

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