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From Jeff - OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL - Blocked Persons List

The list of sealed indictments has grown immensely and so has the Blocked Persons list - I'm thinking EOs 13818 and 13848...

Some people are posting the link as a list of seized assets but I don't think so. More likely this list is what banks and similar outfits must check to see if potential entities are marked as terrorists, criminals, etc. before legally doing business with them. In the past it was normal to have tens of thousands on the list but now it is MUCH longer.

I am only sending the link to show the list is real, huge, and public on a gumment website - it is NOT interesting reading unless researching a particular person, company, etc.

Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List

(10MB PDF - 2000 pages - updated frequently)

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