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From Jeff - Off Topic - "High" Cholesterol? Must Watch This!

I have been VERY skeptical of mainstream medicine since the 1980s. I rarely go the the doc for routine visits since docs generally give bad advice for my minor conditions. I do highly respect most emergency care docs and services. Over the last year or two Dr. Eckberg has been my favorite online Blog Doc for general health and diet tips. He is a former Olympian turned homeopathic doc. He performs extreme diet experiments on himself and backs it up with blood work before and after for scientific analysis.

Too many people are taking statins for supposedly high cholesterol. I have a doc friend I grew up with that told me long ago that there was no absolute reason that high cholesterol was a problem but STATISTICALLY it was good to keep it under control with statins. My take is that if one is otherwise healthy statins for reducing cholesterol are NOT a good idea. Statins seem to be a somewhat benign gateway drug that Big Pharma and their puppet docs use to get the masses started on other more expensive drugs on a permanent basis. This video is quite revealing about cholesterol - if you like it make sure to see his other episodes. Big medicine has been lying about almost everything for many, many decades.

The Shocking Truth About Eggs & Heart Disease [20-30 min]

FYI: I am in my mid 60s and take ZERO prescription drugs on a regular, daily basis.

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