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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Not So Fast, Bankman's Only Hope Is...

It's been reported that XTF did not keep financial accounting records so Bankman's brain may hold his ticket to new digs. Was this a White Hat Op from the beginning?

It's been reported that there is still construction activity at Epstein Island. How? Why? Who funds? Epstein put his funds in a trust days before "his death". Theory is that the funds are expanding the crowded Galt's Gulch Complex with additional luxury accommodations for the living dead.

McAfee "died" in June 2021 in Spain. Steele "died" August 2021 in the US. In the attached pic the backdrop is Steele's 2021 Tour bus which suggests McAfee was in the US after "his death" overseas. Photoshop? Prolly not.

We Have It All - Make The Deal MF or Die! [2 min]

History will be written by the winners for decades to come.

Enjoy the show.

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