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From Jeff: News Bites Converging on Monday???

I expect a dust up on Monday but nothing to bring down da house. Got a few dominoes ahead before a full blown cluster-f. Prolly some distractions (FFs) next week too.

First is the arrival of spring - a new year for some.

Then there's ISO20022 activation but full rollout may take 2 years.

Then there's Yellen getting the ominous Red X.

Add Christopher Miller:

Russia and China have officially announced their new world alliance to the world. From now on The White House will be obsolete. (I assume this is mostly Iran and Saudi joining BRICS.)

Add the Epstein/McAfee Dead Man files now hitting the streets. Start at the link and scroll down for many posts:

Add the Brunson Bros Overnight Mail with their 3rd petition finally making a late arrival to SCOTUS. Won't be long before it gets nixxed or added to the Docket:

And there's always Trump in the background:

"We should support regime change in the United States."

===== Other Notes =========

Godlewski admits he got his chain yanked as many of us had suspected.

(SGAnon reports his own mentor/source passed away.)

And another post says we recently reached the end of the Q-Clock.

===== And a General Observation =====

John F. Kennedy Jr. [FAKE]

"Only 1% of people are awake The greatest form of control is when you think you're free" (channel is repeatedly hacked)

So far I have never met ANYONE face to face that openly exhibits knowledge of being significantly awake across a wide range of esoteric topics. One percent may an upper limit.


Happy St Patty! I see green beer in my immediate future...

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