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From Jeff - NESARA-GESARA-QFS ??? Beware of Psyops!

This is probably too much info for most but it may save time for deep divers just getting started. It's a VERY new and developing angle on QFS.

Around March 2022 some QFS details started dripping out on social media and now it's becoming a steady flow. Lynette Zang, Jim Willie, and other popular financial alt-news types have picked up on it and have boarded the QFS/N-GESARA bandwagon. They talk about it from a high level but details are breaking out. is run by Major General Paul E. Vallely, US Army (Ret.) I guess we can trust him. The high level QFS-GCR description of gold backing on his site seems reasonable and mirrors that found at :

"The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country’s currency has to have the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset – the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and each one has a gold certificate to validate authenticity."

Some other QFS sites have very questionable descriptions of the QFS that read like they are directly from the banking cabal. One example is . Simon Parkes gently steered a follower away from this site during a video Q&A. Some popular Dinar/RV sites link to this site or copy their QFS description. links to but they also host their own separate description (linked above).

Some QFS topics to be wary about:

It's the only game in town, (centralized, mandated).

Only gold in QFS is good for money - your gold is just metal.

Lack of silver as currency/money.

Lack of precious metal backed paper notes (Treasury notes).

Many think that the 1st and possibly 2nd replacements for a failed global petrodollar will be cabal fiat cryptos that will also fail followed by a final "real" solution. I have no idea if the QFS described below is destined to be the last survivor standing or what. It does appear very decentralized but the BIS, a few central banks, and BullionVault (Rothchilds) can be found on the charts. A lot of the info below will go over the heads of many non-crypto heads like my own.

Now for some sample QFS details, there's much more available, do some digging if interested.

Reference - BullionVault is connected to Rothchilds:

Background - Whiplash347 says, "I was the 1st person on PLANET EARTH to find all of this without NDA in place."

Top level QFS Chart, 2021:

Lower level QFS Chart in 3 separate pics.

Click one at a time to bring it forward, then zoom in.

The comments say this is "NDA stuff."

Definition of "Wrapped Assets".

Definition of the "Alien Heads" found in the charts.

Stellar Decentralized Exchange Assets

Whiplash mentions metals backed Treasury notes

Whips version of events - use discernment

Russia already exited The Matrix

Russia kicked off GESARA

Melania, Romanov, Putin connections

Lots More discussion and info:


Beware of psyops.

Why does Clif say there is no QFS?

Why does HSRetoucherQ bash Whiplash347?

Why does Whiplash347 tell us to follow HSRetoucherQ ?

Some analysis and discussion below.

--------- Related Psyop Discussion -------------

Summary - I was attempting to figure out if Whiplash347 was legit but have no concrete conclusion.

There has been a huge proliferation of copycat 17-ish Telegram channels. All make some very interesting truther posts but some don't seem right. Attempting to separate the good guys from the bad guys can lead one in a never ending circle jerk. Sometimes I think the bashing of particular channels is actually a psyop to steer people toward those channels with plausible deniability of being a part of it. Good cop, bad cop, or bad guy LARP (Live Action Roll Player)? makes a statement about 3 "real" Kennedy channels and many other fake ones. I suppose some of those fakes are the ones bashing him and a list of others. Instead of counter attacks he plays it cool and does not respond. This channel never mentions NESARA, GESARA, QFS, flat earth, reptilians, or cheesy stuff for sale. It does make a lot of fact based anti Deep State posts. Good Cop??? ( 3 "real" Kennedy channels )

A tightly connected group of 17-ish copycat channels make a lot of interesting truther posts but also bash and troll a short list of other channels now and then. Besides truther type posts there are funky ads and distractions like flat earth, reptilians, psychedelic art. Bad Cops??? Examples:

Some example bashing and trolling: (includes a list of bashees)

Very strange for WhipLash347 to suggest following HSRetoucherQ:

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