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  • Jim Costa

From Jeff - Nancy and Election Stuff.

Santa Surfing has pics of Nancy getting arrested at the fake inauguration Jan 20, 2021 to compare with getting stuffed into an SUV this past week. Two of the Fed Marshalls appear to be the same from both events but the video is not very clear. In 2021 two of several Marshalls have their badges showing.



Phil Godlewski 2.0

Operations are underway. There will be no Live tonight.

Wait until you see what happens next. I have finally received

the full picture, full audio, and full plan of action.

Vote tomorrow. You will be happy. Trust me.


File 24 late into the night.

Topics: Kamala / The Midterm Election

>Tomorrow you will have the ability to cast ballots.

Elections will happen.

>In real time, operations will begin occurring publicly.

>Make CERTAIN you show up, cast your ballot, and document fraudulent activity in real time.

>Do not pick a fight. Document. Then leave.

The Military is Here.

Try to relax. Try to laugh. We are watching a movie. More than likely all criminal congress critters are playing their parts under duress and under Trump's thumb.


Kerry and Nino discuss the mid-terms. Worthwhile but if busy just wait for the real thing to play out.

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